Fjärilar har friheten att flyga. Om meningen med livet


För ett antal år sedan råkade jag att stöta på en e-bok skriven av den amerikanske filosofen Stephen Davis: ”Butterflies are free to fly. A New and radical approach to spiritual evolution”. Upplevde den som mycket intressant och utmanande. Den rör sig på det fält som så att säga ligger under de stora religionerna och filosofierna. Den gav mig nya infallsvinklar hur man kan se på livet och tillvaron och jag har också rekommenderat den till många andra som intressant läsning.


Positiva kommentarer har kommit från forskarkolleger som delar mitt intresse för vad forskningsresultat från fysiken innebär för andra discipliner såsom psykologi och biologi. Om detta har jag redan skrivit på min blogg som till exempel om att medvetande kan finnas inbäddat överallt (2017-05-12), vilket faktiskt är en ganska rimlig tanke.


Positiva kommentarer har också kommit från människor som upplevt att tillvaron varit meningslös eller svår att hantera. Det verkar som att de nu har fått ett annat perspektiv på tillvaron som känns meningsfullt.


Innan Stephen hittade fram till sin filosofi levde han ett både omväxlande och tumultartat liv med egna erfarenheter från Vietnamkriget och senare som delstatssenator i Arizona. Mitt uppe i allt kände han en stor meningslöshet i livet och sökte sig till olika alternativa grupper av New Age karaktär. Fastnade under en period i Scientologin, men lyckades lämna denna rörelse. Men allt han upplevde blev viktiga erfarenheter som han senare kunde växla till något som gav  mening och harmoni. 


Stephen Davis presenterar i sin bok flera modeller för hur man kan uppfatta världen. Det är just modeller och teorier som man inte behöver tro på men som erbjuder en slags hjälp hur man själv kan komma vidare i sitt tänkande. E-boken är gratis och Stephen låter oss fritt få sprida den och citera ur den bara vi anger källan. Det tackar vi för och därför publicerar jag här första kapitlet i boken och tar också med information hur man kan ladda ner boken.


Trevlig läsning!



George had a problem.

Although he hid it fairly well, George was basically unhappy. He was feeling unfulfilled; his life had become dull and boring; he hated his job; he was probably going to be fired soon because of the economic recession; his relationship with his wife had gone south; he couldn’t communicate any more with his kids; he had no real life except working, eating, watching TV, and sleeping; he could count his real friends on one finger; and he saw no real way of changing anything, of making anything better.


But that wasn’t George’s biggest problem at the moment. His most pressing concern was that he had begun to walk in his sleep.


One night while George was out sleepwalking, he fell into a very deep hole. When he woke up, he discovered he was lying on the bottom in just his pajamas, and there was nothing in the hole except him. He looked up and saw the morning sky above him, with a few bare branches of trees overhanging the perfect circle of sunlight at the top. It was early spring, and there was a chill in the air. He saw no one, but he could hear the faint sound of voices.


He knew he had to try to get out; but the walls of the hole were straight and slippery and high, and there was nothing to use for climbing. Each time he tried, he fell back to the bottom, frustrated. He started crying out for help.

Suddenly, there was a man’s face peering down at him from the top of the hole.

“What’s your problem?” the man asked.

“Oh, thank God,” George cried. “I’m stuck down here and can’t get out!”

“Well, then, let me help,” the man said. “What’s your name?”


“Last name?”


“One ’n’ or two?”


“I'll be right back.”


When the face disappeared, George wondered what was so important about the spelling of his name; and then the man was back.

“This is your lucky day, George! I’m a billionaire, and I’m feeling generous this morning.”

The man let go of a small piece of paper he was holding in his hand and it floated slowly down into the hole. George caught it and looked up again. The man was gone.

George stared at the piece of paper. It was a check for a thousand dollars, made out in his name.

“What the hell? Where am I going to spend this down here?” he thought to himself. He folded it and put it in his pajama pocket.


Then he heard another voice coming.

“Please help me,” George yelled to the empty space at the top.

A second man’s face appeared a kind and compassionate face.

“What can I do for you, my son?”

George could see the man’s clerical collar as he leaned over the edge.

“Father, help me get out of this hole… please.”

“My son….” The voice was soft and loving. “I must perform mass at the church in five minutes, so I can’t stop now. But we will say a special prayer for you today.” Then he reached into his pocket. “Here, this will help,” and he dropped a book into the hole before leaving.

George picked up the Bible, studied it and tried to imagine any possible way to use it to get out of the hole. Eventually he gave up and tossed it aside.


The next passerby was a woman. When she understood George’s predicament, she threw down some organic vegetables, along with vitamins and herbal supplements.

“Eat only these,” she said.

George put them in a pile on top of the Bible.


A doctor stopped and donated a few bottles of the sample medications he was being paid to peddle that week.


A lawyer came by and talked for a while about suing the city for not putting a fence around the hole. He left his card.


A politician promised to pass a law to protect sleepwalkers if George would vote for him in the election tomorrow, assuming he could get out of the hole.


By this time George had taken a seat on the bottom of the hole, shivering slightly from the chill, starting to give up hope that anyone would help him get out. He felt lonely, helpless, and a little fearful. He moved the drugs aside, picked up an organic banana off the pile and took a bite.


“I can help you get out.”

He heard a strong, convincing, powerful female voice. He wasn’t quite sure…. Did he recognize that voice? Had he seen her on TV or something?

“You just need to let go of all your negative thinking, learn to visualize, and then use the ‘Law of Attraction’.”

“But that’s exactly what I’m doing – trying to attract someone to help to get out of this hole!” George protested.

“You must not be doing it right,” came the response.

She tossed something thin and square that landed at George’s feet.

George yelled up to her, “But… wait!” There was no one there to answer.


He picked up the DVD, still shrink-wrapped, and stared at the cover. The Teachings of Abraham Master Course DVD Program.

“At least you could have thrown down a portable DVD player,” he said quietly, to no one in particular.


In a little while a Zen Buddhist sat down in a lotus position at the edge of the hole, wanting to teach George to meditate. “If nothing else,” the Master said, “if you practice long enough, you’ll feel better about being in the hole. Who knows, you might even be able to levitate your way out in a few lifetimes.”


George was about to resign himself to being in this hole forever when he heard the voice.

“Can you move over a few feet, out of the way?”

George looked up. “What?”

“Could you please move away from the center of the hole?”

George stood up and took a few steps back toward the side. “Why?” he was about to ask, when the man jumped into the hole, landing at George’s feet.

“Are you crazy?” George exclaimed as the man got up and brushed himself off. “Now we’re both in this hole together. Couldn’t you just throw me a rope or a ladder or something?”

The man looked at him gently. “They don’t work.”

“How do you know?” George asked incredulously.

“I’ve been here before, and I know the way out.”


Vill du ladda ner e-boken så kan du trycka